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Glitter Tattoos

A sparkly twist on temporary tattoos for waterproof fun!

Glitter tattoos are a fun addition to any birthday party or event especially water parks and pool parties. They last 3-5 days (usually comes off naturally in the shower) and can be removed with rubbing alcohol. Discounted prices available when packaged with face paint or balloon art!

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Customize your glitter tattoo package with themed designs!

Glitter Tattoo Themes 

Choices include: 

  • Emoji 

  • Animals 

  • Cats and Dogs 

  • Dinosaurs 

  • Dragons, Scorpions & spiders 

  • Fairies 

  • Flags 

  • Flowers 

  • Fruits 

  • Hearts 

  • Insects 

  • Music 

  • Pirates 

  • Princess 

  • Under the Sea 

  • Winter Wonderland 

  • Unicorns & Fairies 

  • Halloween 

  • Christmas 

  • Easter

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